This week marks a huge milestone in my career.

Never imagined where this project I started 11 years ago would take me but its taken me places I never imagined, create a huge network and taught me valuable life lessons.

I was given an opportunity to make this art project something more when I decided to make it into a brand and later a full line apparel/accessory company.

Tomorrow, March 17th marks our 5 year anniversary, something most people could ever dream of and I’ve been blessed and somehow lucky to even be in this position. Although I may be still small and unknown to the masses, it’s an achievement I can proudly cross off my list. It’s very hard to commit to anything these days and for me to continue to put my everything, my blood, sweat and tears in this project for half a decade means a lot.

I want to thank every person who has helped me and believed in me with this project/brand. You know who you are cause you’re still in my everyday life and if you’re not, I’m sure I’ll meet you along the way. I have been quiet for the past 2 months because of this but I’m ready to unveil to the public what the rest of the week, months and year holds for us. I’m excited to show you what we have in store and the next chapter for Bolla.

Cheers and to another 5 years. We’ll see you at the party!