Bolla is an independent brand based out of the heart of Los Angeles inspired by the nuances of the city, skateboarding, pop-culture, outdoors, art & design.


Bolla is an independent brand based out of the heart of Los Angeles that offers quality goods, released in limited quantities. Inspired by skateboarding, art, design, pop/street culture, and the people who surround them. Bolla is a juxtaposition of traditional men's wear meets high-end lifestyle fashion, infused with fine art and design.

Created in 2004 merely as a side art project consisting of street art and stickers of bubbles, in 2010 we incorporated our passion for art, design, fashion, skateboarding, and the technical skills gained throughout the years to evolve this project further into the brand it is today.

Bolla strives to create classic, clean designs and timeless pieces in a variety of styles for the modern day renaissance man. Each piece is constructed with thought, care, a story, and commitment of bringing each customer a quality made product that they will want to hold on to.

Bolla Kills.  


What started as an English project in 10th grade, I would never imagine in a million years what this single idea would evolve into.

At the prime of my skateboarding years, it was skateboarding that introduced me into the art worlds. I was intrigued by skateboard graphics and from there on I was infatuated with design, graphics, typography, and logos. I was always intimidated of the “artsy” students and how they could always doodle something and it ended up being a beautiful piece. If anything, I was always a conceptual artist; I had great ideas but never that one go to theme. Then came the bubble.

My classmates were so fascinated in this little bubble doodle I did for our English final, and from that moment on, I knew I made something worthy. I bubbled up everyone’s shoes, binders, skateboards, clothes, EVERYTHING! What made me different from traditional street artists from during this time period was that I wasn’t tagging my name; I was putting up graphics, my logo. That was my name.  People were beginning to ask, so I had to come up with a street name.

Introducing Bolla., the Italian term for bubble.

It was short, legible and easy to write. After this I decided to create a multiple personality based company where BubbleItUp.Inc. showcased the fine art/design side and Bolla, the street art/lifestyle brand.

Due to a demand of my logo and name, I finally ventured into the fashion and action sports industry. I always had a huge interest in the clothes and sneaker culture but never thought I would actually set my mind in creating a company. I had all the resources with running a skateboard shop and knowing many people in the industry that it just naturally grew into what it is today.

On March 17th 2010, I released a small number of t-shirts with my logo and name on it, in it a matter of weeks I was sold out. From there, the company slowly grew bigger and bigger. Now creating not only t-shirts but now outwear, accessories, and recently a full cut & sew line. At this point, anything is possible and my goal is to focus 100% on growing this brand. Follow us, as I’ll show you step by step on what I consider my new life project. 


Bolla Kills. The slogan that killed it, pun intended.

My life motto is Carpe Diem. Pretty much put in everything you got or nothing, go hard or go home. Kill at everything I do.

Back in my writing years, I used to write "Bolla Will Kill One Day." Stating that I will kill it with Bolla. I'm going to put everything I got into this and push to the limit. Slowly it became the company slogan and everyone just caught on it. I'm not condoning violence or murder but instead using this powerful word as a metaphor, a positive reinforcement. Just as Nike has their whole "Just Do It" slogan, it changed the lives of many people.

Giving someone that extra push to go on everyday. I wanted to give that same motivation to others, simple just "kill it" at everything you do! It maybe bold and edgy, but if you think about it, the media all the way to our everyday vocabulary, we use the term universally all the time.

Short, simple, and straight to the point. The perfect marketing design I could ever ask for. My company is not called Bolla Kills but it came to the point where it just evolved into it. Call it what you want, its all the same!