Available on Saturday 9/26/20 at 12pm PST is the first edition of pins in collaboration with NikeSB Or Nothing.

Growing up during the early sneaker years, we didn’t have social media.

To learn about the sneaker culture we relied heavily on word of mouth, magazines, camping out at releases or community forums.

Every generation had its forum to get news, do transactions or stay in contact with others across the world.

The early years was Nike Talk, the generation I grew up and really met my friends & now industry colleagues was Hypebeast Forum.

Today, now living with social media, everything is literally at our finger tips. Updated in real time and over saturated with information or rumors.

NikeSBOrNothing came up just around the same time the second wave of the SB craze resurrected.

As the SB hype exploded, NSBON has become the go-to source for anything related to the SB culture. Everything from skate, fashion, art, or sneaker related news, the page has it covered with a cult like following.

It is our current generation’s Nike Talk/Hypebeast Forum.

Continuing off the momentum of our recent giveaway with NSBON, we decided to team up on a series of pins to give back to a local skate shop or skate community. Proceeds will go to help out those in need or a charity that helps out the skate community!

The first set will be the Pink Box series, limited to a 100 pieces.
All hand numbered and assembled with care and detail!