Hi Everyone,

Starting today, we're diving into a new category for the brand... music!

As much as we're so engaged with visuals and content, sound is equally as important of a medium. We listen as much as we see.

Every Monday we will be releasing a playlist thru our Spotify page.

These playlist are a compilation of different genres of music that we listen to. Music has always been a huge part of everyone's everyday lives and it certainly has influenced and built what the Bolla brand is today.

For years I have always wanted to dive into DJing and someday I know I will. I have always had such a huge respect for artist's that can produce and create their own music but until that day comes, all we can do is drop playlists!

Every week will be different. It can be what I'm into right now, a certain theme we might be after and/or eventually collaborating with other brands and artist's to see what sort of music their into and showcasing it.

This week we start it off with a mellow chill mix. A mixture of jazz, classical, hip-hop and beats.

Tune in and listen on your way to your first day of class, your morning commute or just for the hell of it.

We're excited to showcase our favorites as well find brand new music that we have never heard before! Let us know what you think or have any recommendations for us in the comments!

Enjoy your week.

Bolla: Chill Mix, Vol. 1